Event Processing Thinking: 4/25/10

Event Processing Thinking: 4/25/10 1

Topic 1: Event processing scope, classification, and business value. Topic 2: Event processing functions: present and future, additional and common functions. Topic 3: Event processing and all of those other IT world: relationships of event processing with other areas (databases, rules, BPM, analytics, cloud computing, social computing…). Topic 4: Event control criteria: What standards should be done, and when, what ought to be the starting roadmap and point in each standard. Topic 5: Event processing grand challenge: What we wish to accomplish if we can get a considerable worldwide research investment? What are the intensive research goals? What are the methods to achieve?

Vendors will get the application on the site by the finish of April. Fall is a very occupied show so we’d suggest suppliers not wait too long to apply. We were unfortunate to show away some first-class vendors for the first show because we’d already fulfilled our quota for specific categories. We are trying very hard not to duplicate booths, although that is tough at times. Whenever we reached a certain amount for jewelry, soap, etc we said others who applied after that was refused through the program process. A commitment was made by us to your suppliers that people would make an effort to control as much duplication as it can be. We’ve been true to your word.

BC: What little bit of advice would give to others thinking about starting a vintage show such as this? GJ41: Our advice to anyone wanting to put any kind of event collectively, not simply a vintage market but anything large scale would be to not rush the process. We required 2 yrs from the first discussion to the first show almost. It took a good majority of that to choose what our big vision was also to get every little detail hammered out. There are a great number of decisions, details, and paperwork that no one thinks about when they are walking through a show.

For instance, there is a specific kind of fire extinguisher that must be on the premises throughout the event. And that is not the main one most of us have under our sink in case of emergencies. BC: Ladies thank you so much for carrying this out interview with us. Dawn and I are so pleased with you ladies. We know this is going to be a huge success. In closing is there other things you want to say or add? GJ41: Here’s some additional info for anyone attempting to attend.

One example is Nvivo, a program made by QSR international. QSR’s only product is the Nvivo program, although the business offers training and supplemental materials for purchase by users. This is a good model if you are known by you to have a good product with high demand and limited competition. When you want to check the waters within an ecommerce niche, a single category site can be considered a smart choice. By offering a little selection of carefully chosen products, you can build your reputation and trustworthiness without overspending. Several retailers started with a model like this, and many continue to utilize it today.

Keep in mind that you can always make subcategories – take books, for example. If a bookstore is opened by you, your category is books. Defining single category ecommerce is challenging when you really start to think about it. Avoid overdoing it, and stay focused. The main element to success with a site such as this is to concentrate on a particular customer avatar and their passions, then pull a subset of those interests that seems probably to turn a profit. This is a smart model for new business owners and requires minimal effort and investment control. The main drawback is that you’re only likely to catch the eye of an extremely small portion of commerce shoppers.

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Multiple category commerce sites are a good choice for established brick and mortar stores. Retailers who have tried an individual category site effectively and are prepared to increase their offerings might be ready for multiple category sites, too. Product selection is one of the most difficult elements of managing this type of site. One bad product can damage your reputation, and if you are sourcing from multiple suppliers, the larger your store is, the more challenging logistics become. Types of multiple category ecommerce stores include Target, Cultures for Health, and REI.

Often through websites, but sometimes through dedicated ecommerce stores, affiliate sales benefit the original vendor by providing additional presence and the affiliate by giving an opportunity to monetize product critiques, an individual blog, or other site. Most affiliate sites aren’t a lot of money makers, but they can provide yet another income stream for sites that mostly rely on other income channels. If you’re thinking about affiliate sales and ecommerce, JVZoo is a good place to connect with vendors and other affiliate marketers. For businesses that have outgrown the income stream or the product confines of an individual category store, becoming a solitary affiliate and category cross types store can be beneficial.