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As I’ve developed a pastime in Kawaii I’ve pointed out that despite all of the many different styles there are named, that the styles can be simplified into only a few categories. Since there isn’t a good deal of clarification on Kawaii all together out there, I hope to shed some light on things here. This is Kawaii as I’ve seen it to be. The positive attributes such as kindness, optimism, modesty, clean vocabulary, etc, from Kawaii 1 ALWAYS apply!

This look was motivated by manga/anime personas and everyone can tell, when they see you especially. Your style is commonly encompassing of both regular “Kawaii” and “Light Kawaii.” You might be shiny and bold with your colors, such as a meadow of blossoms under the beaming summer time sun! Or you could choose the lighter colors and appearance more born of a springy naturalness. Your shoes and clothes will stick out with sweet personas, abstract designs, ruffles, pants or skirts over leggings, emoticon faces, and other things un-ordinary and lovely.

Not that you fight ordinary-ness, because you by no means do. Your flow just doesn’t have a tendency to be with typical and with your unshaken self-loyalty you go where it leads! Also, you like ornamentation. Whether it’s locks accessories, backpack plushies, cell phone charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces, whatever, you make your statement with a great variety of all!

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Some of your favorite ornamentations is commonly deserts and lovable animal statistics. Your chipper body vocabulary- (which contains but is not limited to-winks, almost-never-absent-smiles, blowfish cheeks, and peace signs, may appear kind of artificial to some, however your Kawaii primary is 100% honest. Even if others don’t understand it. Kawaii has a great range. You may look more like this gal, or you could look full-out ! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. So there is enough of room to make your own unique style!

These pics were extracted from lolichiidesu’s music video “Fireflies.” She made a Japanese version to it. You’ll stand out as “Kawaii” for certain, but you usually wont ever look “O.o” to anyone. If you though do, it will because you look pretty exclusively, not weird. Your colors offer more with light and bright colored shades. While you don’t stray from color in your makeup, you tend to go for further of an enhanced natural look, using neutrals that make your eyes and face “glow” with angelic radiance. You certainly love your glitters and shimmers too though!

Whether it’s on your clothes, face or accessories you like things that sparkle and stand out! You under understand the easy also, but powerful beauty of mattes (don’t know what this means? See bottom of page). You get a kick out of adorable desert accessories and clothing, and find pretty pet designs fun to wear.

At all times your female, but you aren’t a sissy (remember, the heroes that inpsired Kawaii tend to be heroic little females!)! Kawaii comes the Gothic and Victorian eras of dress style. That looks was once normal, but these days sometimes appears on dolls rather than people exclusively. If you are Lolita, you shall stick out as a living cutie of a doll. Your clothes and shoes will lean towards dressy. Hair might often be observed waved or curled with a cute pin or two, and your makeup will tend to be more natural; but the shades whether lighter or bolder will often match your outfit.

Since this look is so unusual, you can wager you will get some funny stares and that individuals around you will establish views of your being quite unusual or false. However, the young children will like you! D And you like children! You will be their story books come to life and bring a smile to numerous of their special little faces. You love all kinds accessories and plushies too, however your ornamentations will usually look like they came from, or in some way match the Victorian or Gothic eras. As as interests and hobbies go far, they are extremely quite similar for each style. The twist will be your own personal variations. Definition: “Matte” means flat color-no shimmers or glitter. For example, crayons draw flat color.

Doesn’t our difference and disagreement, in reality, make life more worthy of living at times? And if we disagree with each other shouldn’t we accept our own subjectivity, not feel awkward about it? And if others are open up minded and ready, can we not try to educate them how to also share that eyesight? Beauty Could be shared. The fact that there are as many opinions as there are people does not mean that all of them are ‘wrong’. If it can, then maybe we have to consider how good our ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are…. What do you think? Do we need to be ashamed of beauty?

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