Malaysia Beauty Blogger: ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Pencil Review And Swatches

Malaysia Beauty Blogger: ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Pencil Review And Swatches 1

Etude House Plays 101 pencil review. If you’re looking for a good eyeliner/ pencil, go for this! 8 colors: -Shade No 2 -Shade No 5 -Shade No 6 -Shade No 11 – Shade No 27 -Shade No 37 – Shade No 41 -Shade No 53 Where you might get these pencils? Just drop a comment down here and say the trick code: “RIBBON!” I will be giving my top 2-color pencils to ONE lucky champion. Please, make yourself public. Getting SERVICES SOON!

I am Quilter, hear me ROAR! I have to admit at this moment I am feeling a little bit jealous, and a little way over-loaded with stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my machines, and stash, and everything, but I think in 2017 I want to begin to do MORE with LESS! I’ve even thought about taking some vintage machines on the highway with me when I’ve road trips and finding them new homes.

It’s time to begin considering that. Is there room for stash? And you may see Nichole’s bedroom with beautiful quilt just beyond. Could you make plenty of quilts with the stash in that one cupboard? Yes. Why do we think we need MORE? Just SEW IT UP. When you need more, get more. Everyone needs a companion in quilt-crime! Nichole travels with Snoopie by her aspect. In July Snoopie was rescued in Texas back again. She was emaciated and sick and showed up at a friend’s house and was quickly adopted into her new fur-ever rolling residence.

Snoopie the Art Bus Road Warrior Dog! Oh, those ears are slaying me. Season I am looking forward to seeing what escapades Nichole requires us with this next. She actually is teaching courses, still quilting for others, year hiatus, and hosting video chats on her YouTube Channel after going for essential 3. I am inspired by the resilience of quilters who’ve overcome amazing obstacles, hardships, and unfathomable loss. I gain the courage to go above forwards by watching them rise. I am in awe. I am cheering you on and sending you every positive want a fabulous 2017 ahead. This occurred for me last night, after all was done. Do the thing is something different here?

Do you observe what I am sewing on? This poor baby that I bought back in 2009 has come out to play after years in isolation. Last used to piece “Pineapple Crazy” from my book String Fling, I just haven’t needed a machine with a thread cutter. But let me tell you, when you are paper-piecing small stuff, and you have to get rid of, or begin in the heart of the paper template, a thread cutter sure beats all those long thread tails everywhere. And let’s face it. Even the more “modern” machines in my fleet need to come out for a little attention once in a while.

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It wouldn’t fit IN the cabinet, so I put a pressing plank over the device hole and arranged the machine on top. A bit tall too, but hey – I elevated my sewing seat a bit and LOVED that thread cutter to bits. Does this make me a traitor? Probably so. So be it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day! Quilt shared by @photokevin74. There are only a couple days of 2016 left. I love to end the entire year on a higher notice and think out of all the positive things that have happened recently. I am so grateful for all the experiences that 2016 has taken and look forward to the next adventure!

I love this interesting quilt that appears like spinning tops, nearly dreidels but this is for my Jewish friends celebrating Hanukkah still. While Christmas only lasted 1 day growing up I used to be always a tiny bit jealous of these who surely got to celebrate for a full week! I’m off to remedy that. As soon as today’s orders are prepared to fall off at the post office, Sadie and I are on the road and to the cabin up. That property we liked near Mouth of Wilson, VA? On Saturday We ‘re going back again to consider it. Follow me on Instagram! Follow my Quiltville Page on Facebook for more fun! Join our sister group, Quiltville’s Open Studio on Facebook, a spot to Sew, Share & Grow!