Foreign Investment Review Board

Foreign Investment Review Board 1

Under Australia’s foreign investment framework, international people generally need to apply for international investment approval before purchasing residential real property in Australia. The Government’s plan is to channel international investment into new dwellings as this creates additional jobs in the construction industry and helps support financial growth. It can also increase government profits, in the form of stamp duties and other fees, and from the entire higher economic growth that moves from additional investment. Foreign investment applications are therefore generally considered in light of the overarching rule that the suggested investment should increase Australia’s casing stock (be creating at least one new additional dwelling).

Consistent with this aim, different factors apply depending on whether the kind of property being obtained will boost the casing stock or whether it’s a recognized dwelling. The annual vacancy fee is the area of the Government’s comprehensive casing affordability plan and seeks to increase the number of properties available for Australians to live in. Foreign persons who purchase residential real property will be at the mercy of an annual vacancy fee where in fact the property is not residentially occupied or rented out for more than six months in a 12 months.

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