Famous Inventors FROM THE Nineteenth Century

Famous Inventors FROM THE Nineteenth Century 1

The nineteenth century was a period of radical leaps in technology. Subsequently, inventors and researchers were constantly focusing on new theories and products that would dramatically change the world where we live. The following list contains a small number of the most well-known inventors of the nineteenth century. These men all created everyday items, which we now take for granted. Levi Strauss (1829 – 1902) was created in Germany where he trained as a tailor.

Known as the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’ (later renamed Edison), Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) was one of the very most prolific inventors of the nineteenth hundred years. Edison started life as a telegraph operator, during which time he redesigned the stock-ticker machine. Eventually, the money from his stock computer printer allowed him to set up his own lab where he dedicated himself, and a team of employees, to inventing full-time. A few of his most famous inventions include the phonograph, carbon-phone transmitter, motion-picture camera, and modern electric light bulb. The invention of Cola, in 1886, changed the beverages industry permanently. John Pemberton (1830-1888) had experimented thoroughly with syrups, elixirs, and acquired developed a glass or two called French Wine of Coca previously.

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However, in 1885, the state of Atlanta banned Pemberton and alcohol were pressuring to change the substances of his popular beverage. Coke was born and it quickly became incredibly popular soda. Of course, there are a great many other inventors of the nineteenth century who contributed huge amounts to today’s world. However, the men listed above created some of the most ubiquitous items of the contemporary era.

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