Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider 4, Review

Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider 4, Review 1

Similar to the recumbent elliptical machines typically found in a physical therapy medical clinic, the Cardio Strider 4 offers an effective low-impact top and lower torso workout. The Inspire Fitness CS4 was created with original linear route pedals that provide simple back and forth reciprocating leg movement that minimizes hip rotation and reduces leg stress whilst interesting your glutes and leg muscles.

The CS4 offers a stride length range of between 12″ to 15″ based on foot position and your feet are placed before you (rather than below) for improved circulation. The Cardio Strider 4’s moving handlebars (duration adjustable) engage the arms and upper body muscles and can be flipped to switch between chest/back or biceps/triceps workout routines. You could work both your top and lower torso at the same time or choose to work just your higher or lower torso in isolation.

Ergonomically designed, the Inspire Fitness CS4 has a comfortable padded chair with motorized height adjustment (adjusts directly on the console screen) and an flexible angled backrest. The seat swivels 180 degrees (90 degrees still left or right) for easy installation/dismounting. The Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider 4 operates very smoothly and quietly because of its Silent Poly V Belt Drive System and friction-free Electro-Magnetic Resistance System. The Inspire Fitness CS4’s console is straightforward and user friendly and features a bright blue backlit LCD display that’s easy to view in both low light and shiny light.

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The CS4 allows up to 10 consumer information and the LCD screen shows motivating workout stats including time, quickness, distance, heart-rate, and calories. The CS4 comes with both contact pulse grip sensors in the handles and a Polar T31 heart-rate strap to get more accurate readings. The Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider 4 is sturdily built and includes front and back stabilizers for leveling and added stability. The CS4 permits a maximum consumer weight capacity as high as 350 pounds. Additional top features of the CS4 include dual water bottle holders, Child Safety Lock, back transportation front side, and wheels handle for easy relocation. For satisfaction, the Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider 4 comes with both a residential and commercial warranty (see details listed in the table below).

I don’t seem to be as mobile as I had been before the operation and it is really getting me down. Although I understand that the medical personnel keep informing me that it’s commonly 8 to 10 (12?) months before getting back to normal, I had fashioned hoped that I would have observed more improvement by now.

With the gradual rate of progress I am uncertain that I will be back again to “normal” any time soon. Before the operation I was asked to fill in an application which would be utilized to track the improvement of the op and its effects. Among the relevant questions was, “Do you class yourself to be impaired?”. My preliminary answer was a resounding no. OK I had resided with pain and some loss of service for several years but I was not disabled.

However I recently completed a progress report, completing a similar form, and responded to YES to this same question. There are several things that I can not do, that I would have been able to do regardless of the arthritis. This has really bought home to me how annoying the last seven months have been, to have gone through a lot pain and anguish with an uncertain future now.

I really do feel frustrated about the lack of progress. My partner tried to persuade me in any other case last night but we finished up arguing about our respective views on the problem – Wii ending. So it’s back again to the fitness machine for now, I will inform you easily feel any better soon. I found a static stationary bike very helpful for exercising my knee once I needed getting sufficient movement in the knee to have the ability to use the bike efficiently.

I did begin using it in the fine weather a few months but eventually created a space indoors. I had been lucky to have a sizable kitchen and an understanding wife. At first riding for a few minutes at a right time, I developed a schedule of exercises. Most machines offer the option of changing the gearing, which makes it harde/easier to peddle to band the changes. You will find your own limitations nevertheless, you have the choice of stopping if it becomes painful, and of course, you are at home conveniently.