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As somebody who absolutely loves putting on makeup, removing makeup is extremely important to me! There are many many damaging effects to your skin layer unless you remove your makeup thoroughly at the end of your day! Not removing your makeup at the end of the day before you sleep will clog pores, which will in turn DEEPEN WRINKLES and DEHYDRATE your skin! In addition, it may cause SEVERE BREAKOUTS because of the dirt and sebum still left on your skin layer over night. Although removing makeup is actually important, I must admit as well that it’s a hassle having to remove makeup, especially when they are very difficult and stubborn to get rid of.

Recently, Biore sent me their new product and I am IMPRESSED. BIORE AQUA JELLY MAKEUP REMOVER! They actually have a earlier version, and today, they came up with a IMPROVED and NEW version which really is a entire lot much better than their prior one. One reason is basically because I’ve tried the previous version of Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover and I loved it!

Now that it’s the IMPROVED VERSION, it works better than how amazing it had been. To me, these are the very best 3 criteria for the BEST makeup remover. Some makeup removers leave PLENTY OF OIL on our skin as well which really is a no-no for me. I am happy to say that Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover fits in all 3 criteria!

Here’s a side by side comparison using their older version. The brand new one is so much smoother because of their new formulation! It slides down after I lift in the credit card immediately. That’s since it includes 40% moisturising essence! I’m impressed with the cleansing capability of Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover! Like what it stated, it removed my stubborn waterproof eyeliner in only ONE GLIDE.

There are still some eyeliner remaining after using Brand X! Also, most of the rinse-off makeup remover are oil-based which I don’t really like because it leaves our skin greasy after removal as well. Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover has a jelly texture, hence, pores and skin will never be still left greasy after removal! Here is a quick test for the!

No essential oil on my oil blotting paper in any way! IT SMELLS GREAT HAHAHA. How exactly to use it? Just pump 2-3 pushes of product on dry hands and massage it gently on your skin (remember to close your eye when removing attention makeup). Wash off after your makeup are fully dissolved!

Even those who declare to love Dumbo haven’t any problem establishing him up on a very tall platform to show his aerial skills. The view of the frightened pachyderm child – yes, even a false one- cowering atop a burning up building throughout a clown skit eliminated wrong drove me to tears. Humans, at least, choose circus life. Dumbo happened to be given birth to into it just.

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It’s weird to call a CGI elephant charismatic, but that’s precisely the case here. In fact, this Dumbo is so adorable that it’s hard to buy the preliminary reactions from Max and his cohorte, who repeatedly act as if he’s an unattractive monster. “A genuine face only a mother could love! He’s adorable! Look at that smooshy clown makeup! Which beautiful blue headgear! Just what a star.

Ironically enough, the animated protagonist is more fleshed out than his human companions much. Of all the Farriers, aspiring scientist Milly certainly is the most singular, and Parker’s performance hints at a promising future. Her burgeoning feminism seems a little forced, but she’ll be a refreshing new role model for kids who can brave the wrenching moment where Dumbo is separated from his mother. As Holt, Farrell is broody and awkward in the way only he could be, but he and all of those other adult cast feel just like they’re phoning it in.