WANTING TO Value Invest?

WANTING TO Value Invest? 1

Hello, recently I received email messages from new visitors of my blog after my post was shared on Facebook. Honestly, I was quite shocked and a little gratified that visitors found my blog post interesting and relatable enough to share on their Facebook page. Today, I will be wanting to answer a few questions that were asked by readers.

I noticed many of you have questions about investments, you want to begin but not sure where to start. Currently, I’m still talking about with an investment company on their workshops and if it will be helpful for visitors to attend. Nothing verified yet but stay tuned for good news hopefully. I will try my best to answer all the questions posted if you ask me by BR. HI, teenage investor, I’ve recently read your site posts and run into many interesting articles and I must say that it is very informative and helpful.

Realizing that books aren’t enough and that the internet is full of information, I have already been reading blog posts/articles about trading and most have said to start early. It seems that you might be younger than me, however, I respect you in a way you have the mind to begin previously, and that is exactly what I hope I can do now. Hi, BR. I used to have an RSP. However now, I prefer a more DIY strategy. I’m currently using SCB.

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But following the recent chaos, I am planning to use SCB only for international shares. For local stocks and shares, I’m actively looking for other brokerages. You can use SCB if you want. It remains the ideal choice for those searching for low commissions per trade. Nothing is 100% profitable. Investing in ETFs has its advantages. But there will be risk present.

Not as far as I know. Compounding passions work best if you’re in it for the long term. That said, savings account give a very miserable interest rate. You would be better off sticking your money into a period deposit. 1 interest yearly from regular checking account. Buying stocks and longing for them to develop are a different strategy. You may be more thinking about investing for income rather than trading for the long term: Retirement.

3/talk about for a table lot of 1000 shares. I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I don’t make investments for income. That is clearly a different section of investing. Therefore, I don’t obtain income from my investments. Summary: I believe you’re interested in trading for income or for earnings. Eg: Buy Low Sell High. While that may be the majority of what most people want, I don’t practice it. I believe that I’m not at that stage where I could predict the marketplace. It might be very stressful for me to monitor the marketplace constantly.

I make investments passively. Time is way better spent with family and friends than to monitor the marketplace day in day trip. But that’s for me. Obviously, I purchase shares at a low price when possible, but that’s normal. Hope this answers your question. Hi, TI, I’m 19 this year an international pupil that has being learning in SG for 13 years since the principal college, visited it for one year finished with a Nitec cert. Still no PR Currently, applications always being rejected don’t know the reason to that. So essentially I’m a Singaporean just with no black and white.

Presently studying in kaplan (dip in Hostility and travel and leisure). I have read some of your blog post on life in Singapore and how to accomplish goals here so I’m motivated by you, I want your help therefore. I just have appeared to lost my way in life don’t really know what I want to do in the foreseeable future either.

I might get back to my country but nonetheless no confirmations. Simply all the simple things that you can guide on the 19 yo dude haha. Thanks alot and wishing & seeking to your reply soon forwards! At one point in their life, everyone questions themselves on what they would like to do using their life. I don’t really know very well what kind of advice you seek, but I really believe an optimistic way of thinking and a hardworking attitude is crucial for both education and work life.

You have a NITEC Cert and are learning for a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism. This industry has many possibilities. You can further your studies either or proceed to get a complete time job. Whether or not you stay in SG or return to your home country, you can always find hospitality jobs or jobs that suit your strengths best.