Fair Tax For Free People

Fair Tax For Free People 1

The absolute fairest taxes on all the free people in the global world is zero tax. If you are paying no taxes, you are free, for what that may be worth. The total fairest taxes on all the free people in the world is zero tax. Would you, the emperor taxes, his own, or the stranger?

If you are paying no taxes, you are free, for what that may be worth. When you pay taxes, you aren’t free; you are someone’s part-time servant. You are incorporated in something of exploitation and dominance through risk of push and pressure itself. You may be willing to kill or die in order to become free and be called a patriot.

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You are likely deceiving you to ultimately say you are fighting and dying to stay free or to keep others free, or to free others, for independence is taxed by the freedom providers. The free man is commanded to provide those in corporate and business bondage. But he still may be called a patriot by many. In Islamic, Hebrew, and Christian Scriptures, we are assured we owe a tax. In many cases it is a nominal 10% of the increase.

90. However, Scripture motivates us to become more generous inside our giving. The most important aspect of this technique of public financing is that it limits open public financing. The second most important thing is that the taxpayer determines what his tax will be used for exactly or at least who it will be used for.

What a novel idea! The control of providing is the control of public service. That has heard of any such thing ever? Many tithers of all faiths declare that benefits accrue to the tither; benefits which may be measured in dollars seldom. Simple things such as love, health, and happiness. Many tithers tithe to local need, city, state, and national expense, even though they exercise little control over most of it, which is the crux of the nagging problem.

Those who pay, relinquish all control of the use of the gift. Those who declare to be professional servants do all this hard work for the givers. The givers are actually appreciated to view the social people they may be paying to watch out for us all. If the giver takes this responsibility seriously, she actually is dual taxed with time and money.

Way too much to purchase the service offered! Simply a bad bargain. Many will ask how government will be financed if free people pay no tax. The answer is corporate tax. Consider that both governments and corporations are artificial creations to accumulate capital and political power, which derive from individuals who support them. Corporations finance the political applicants of their choosing. Governments ensure corporate growth and reward supportive companies through the regulatory process.

Everyone wins except those who find themselves not artificial creations-the visitors to whom companies and governments pander for validation and financial support. Since corporate government has all the economic and political power, it is reasonable they should tolerate all the associated costs. A straight ten percent tax on the gross earnings of every company that will business within the United States is a reasonable expenditure for the maintenance and development of the prevailing power framework.

It handicaps neither international nor domestic corporations. The organization that cannot afford 10 % in support of its competitive benefit over individuals and unincorporated partnerships deserves to fail. It is wasting a fantastic revenue opportunity. When the true people are compelled to support corporate and business government, which results in only a share of the support in selected benefits to segments of society, it easily divides the society to impotency and did so. It puts real people at an economic disadvantage in accordance with the artificial creation. It could matter not to me that corporations are coating up at the public give food to the trough for contracts, favors, and legislation, if they were providing all the feed.

If it matters to you which companies are feeding, write your reps as you now do. Corporate government has virtually unlimited credit with which to compete with free people; a tremendous financial advantage available on the market. But corporate authorities is fear powered. What if the credit advantage is not to support monopoly and dominion enough?