You Do Not Need To Budget TO SAVE LOTS OF Money

The traditional way of saving cash is through budgeting. Month Every, you list down your expenses and make a budget for it. Its like how you cover a company’s event if you have ever organised one before. 1000 and you can only spend within this amount. 200 for event venue etc. It is effective for company events but however, it generally does not seem to work effectively for our personal lives. Why does it not work?

3000 salary every month. 300) and spend the others. 300 which you wanted to save? It happens all the right time and you may have gave up saving. But don’t quit just yet. There’s a solution to it. You’ve probably heard the term pay yourself first before. But what does it indicate and exactly how will it help you to save really? Pay yourself first means putting aside a share of your salary for savings even before you begin spending. It works in a real way that you seem to have received a lower salary. 1000 if you maintained the same lifestyle.

But, more than not often, our lifestyle spending rises as fast as our salary raises. 1000 completely of the upsurge in pay. How exactly to pay yourself without much hassle first? Paying yourself first is easy. With technology advancement, we can make the process automated and without hassle completely. The process is easy.

Open another bank-account and create an automatic transfer to be deducted at a particular date every month. If you have an internet banking account, you can set it up right within a few minutes away. For DBS and POSB members, you merely have to visit fund transfer and then go to set up standing instruction to set up an automated fund transfer.

You can transfer to an account at the same bank or investment company or another account in another bank or investment company. That is what i am doing for the past few years and it really works. If you have a issue of saving money, try out the pay yourself first method. Saving money is key before you think of trading even. Many people look for the short cut to generate income through investing with no need of saving cash.

This is a far cry from the reality. Of throwing away your time to consider short slashes Instead, start conserving now. It is important to increase your income by trying to earn more money but it’ll all be futile if you don’t practice the basic of saving money first. This week to set up an automated fund transfer Take the challenge. Determine how much you want to save and make it happen. You’ll see your money grow soon. Facebook web page and get notified about new posts.

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