50 For The Last 2 Days

However, year I feel absolutely min/maxed/angled/milked this. And honestly, I know that businesses need to produce a profit and I perfectly get it and I understand I could choose to spend or not, and that everything is cosmetics. However I like that extra cash makes the game fresh again relatively, the yearly TI fever especially.

BUT I REALLY DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING MILKED, STRONGARMED AND FORCED RIGHT INTO A TAKE LEAVE or IT IT SITUATION. I feel they’re not Wanting to encourage or entice people to spend. They’re just, hey we’ve harvested so big so, here’s the offer, the price now is this, take it or leave it.

The TI announcement ticket prices. 70 (i might have made a mistake) for the sooner days. This is essentially daylight robbery. It’s obviously, Ok guys we’ve limited tickets/seats for the world. We’re going to get massive and overflowing demand for TI, so let’s price our tickets to increase our profits. 300, we’re gonna increase our profit. 50 going back 2 times. Same place (pretty sure same location costs), same staff and labour, albeit a more substantial venue I’d presume they’ll employ more folks but the base cost/worker is still the same.

Probably looking at higher costs for the abilities/staff/players/. So at a very rough estimate the TI tickets are 6 TIMES more expensive than the Shanghai Major Tickets. I strongly doubt that the costs will be 6 times that of the Major. 2. The TI seat tickets instantly offering out almost. The first access code not being implemented or coded properly. The terrible system that allows scalpers to use. True fans aren’t really shielded in in any case. Feels like they don’t really really care cuz they know they’re gonna get the income from the ticket sales, why waste precious resources/time/people to safeguard the Fans?

3. The Battle Pass. Leveling up the battlepass seems excruciatingly slow. 15 levels are allotted to the coaching system which honestly Personally i think is not actually coaching. People generally don’t like to be told or advised how to proceed, whether it is you have higher mmr than them. Many would rather have just their egos inflated, encouraged, caressed and motivated. It’s almost a psychological challenge. Like earning some form of popularity contest in college.

Doing/saying what to make people like you (in a DotA Context). And every level appears to come really sluggish, and you also almost can’t have any form of satisfaction getting a lvl 1 battle pass. You almost are forced to begin at level 100, because of the pure difference and rate which you can grow your battle pass at lvl 100 vs lvl 1. But still, it seems slower in comparison to past years alot. Sooooo, long post but, Personally i think milked and min/maxed by valve.

I feel as a fan and avid supporter of the game since 5.84c times, the rates exponentially have gone up, almost and blatantly shamelessly. I bruh mean, your business is so incredibly rich already, is it possible to not min/max your lovely subscribers of the game. You’re not a public company so you don’t have to answer to shareholders or whatever.

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So there is not that pressure to constantly provide more and more profits year on year. I just feel, there’s almost greed and a happy sense of invincibility happening atm. Almost no care/thought/effort has been directed at the loyal followers. It’s a business, and Valve is making the D2 economy similar to a business. Soooo, nothing much I could do, but evaluate my love of the game to a far more business perspective. There’s other video games out there, and the bonus deals are purely cosmetic and doesn’t improve your game much.

You won’t need to spend an individual money in D2 to be the best player. So I’ve removed my diehard fan love and support for the overall game community and growth, as Valve is dealing with the community more like a business, so I’ll treat them just like a business too. I’ve terminated my DotaPlus subscription, and probably won’t spend another buck on the battlepass. Call it my silent rebellion if you may, or if you believe usually do i want to know.