NARS Joyous Red Lipstick

NARS Joyous Red Lipstick 1

NARS Joyous Red is the area of the new Holiday Collection. Its a limited edition colour and its perfect for an everyday ’tis the season look. Although it’s described as a ‘red’, it appears similar to a ‘deeper neutral’ tone. Compared to a vintage true red, it is much more muted, warm, and and orange-peach centered. For this makeup look I started with Loreal True Match Foundation in W5. Then I used Bobbi Brown’s concealer in Warm Beige and applied MAC’s Gold Deposit as a powder.

I used Strength lipstick by MAC on my cheeks as a cream blush and then applied Laura Mercier’s Spiced Cider and Pretty Your World ‘Orgasmic’ blush as a pop of color. For my eye, I began with NARS Silent Night, used MAC’s Soba on my lid into the crease, and then applied Teddy and smudged the top lash series with NARS Bengali eyeshadow.

I finished the appearance with NARS Joyous Red Lipstick! If you’re looking for a nice holiday lipstick that doesn’t scream red and is one level above a neutral lip, I think this lipstick would be ideal for you. The thing that I dislike concerning this lipstick is that it’s a ‘limited edition’ color! I wait to buy limited editions because I’m always afraid that I’ll fall deeply in love with that color and then not be able to buy it again!

I LOOKED HORRIBLE therefore I need to photoshop my pictures so damn much lol. Two pictures without Photoshop first.They are obviously the better-looking ones HAHAHAHA. The day Pretty scenery of the theme park to start. Breakfast was at the World Club lounge, 28th floor! They have my cheese omelet! The morning hours Good food in. I know, I LOVE THIS PICTURE TOO HAHAHA.

Right after breakfast, we surely got to the recently renovated snow world! With all the bloggers before we head into the global world of snow. Appears like some happy street in Europe! There’s a castle at the second floor, and a garden at the comparative back of Snow World! We played games in Snow world. Have you any idea it’s voodoo frosty that it’s already challenging for us in which to stay there?

I have no idea how the kids can lay on the snow! We were supposed to group into five groups and I’m in Sophie’s team! First game was to complete the four jobs given. Get a kid and have a picture of him/her, kissing two of your group members. Find a crew and make him piggyback one of your associates. Find someone wearing spectacles.

Two blurry pictures of the staff, carrying me for one of the tasks you. Second game was to look for stress balls around snow world! All of the red jackets will be the bloggers! Wtf so active, I can’t even move. Go through the fragile me LOL! I didn’t find any stress balls in the long run. After the snow world, with Sophie, we innovator!

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I forced my eyes wide open to allow them to look as big as Randy’s hahaha wtf. Team Sophie earned the overall best team! LUNCH FOR DAY TWO at FWH’s lobby. We had free circulation desserts so I too took some home! Many thanks Nuffnang for the visit to Genting! Though it was a little rush, I really loved myself and I am hoping everyone else did too!

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