Analysis Of Factors Affecting Investors’ Perception Of Mutual Fund Investment

Analysis Of Factors Affecting Investors' Perception Of Mutual Fund Investment 1

Analysis of Factors Affecting Investors’ Perception of Mutual Fund Investment. Source: IUP Journal of Management Research. Apr2011, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p23-44. 22p. 11 Charts, 7 Graphs. Abstract: Consumer behavior can be an important area of research studies. To evaluate the prospects of any type or kind of product irrespective of its nature, one should be aware of the behavior of the consumer.

If we check out the financial market generally, the considerable research studies have been conducted based on statistical observations, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. Investor’s expectation is a very important element in this regard that needs to be analyzed by all alternate investment strategies. The success of any mutual fund, a favorite method of investment, depends on how effectively it has been able to meet up with the investor’s expectation.

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The present research focuses on calculating the investors’ expectation and their choice. It also attempts to measure the factors that they consider before making any investment in a mutual fund as well as the awareness level among individual investors regarding mutual fund investment. November 2008-January 2009 The sample survey has been conducted in Kolkata city during the period. An example of 100 individual mutual fund investors has been surveyed through a pre-tested questionnaire.

The individual investors include people who have invested in shared funds and also have some knowledge about the essential terminologies associated with mutual funds. An effort has been designed to identify the factors recognized to be important by the traders before buying any mutual finance. This scholarly study will add value to your body of knowledge in this field, from the idea of the view of experts and academicians.

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