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The single most important thing when applying CRM? Some might believe getting the right features to set up or having the coolest colors is the most crucial thing or possibly to have it integrated with the ERP system. This isn’t my belief, I think it is all about making a system that your users like to use.

This may appear a bit unusual from the Tech junkie like myself, but there is really sound logic behind it. A great many other systems, like ERP-system (Dynamics AX, SAP etc.) require their users to use them. If they don’t really they cannot do their job. However, when working with CRM systems, this isn’t the situation usually.

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There are usually different ways of recording customer information on your own purposes, like in Excel, Word, OneNote, or within an old-fashioned notebook with a pen. The number of companies that have tried to push users to use the CRM system by pain or gain methods have almost always failed. And if you hadn’t thought about it, it has been the traveling thought behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.2 which has been crystalized into making the users love CRM now. So, let’s spread the passion! CRM 2013 is soon here and it will blow your brain!

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Cognos Experts Pls explain me what is the difference between list report query and crosstab statement query? Whereas Combination tabs query shall have group by function used. The list will show data in a detail level. Crosstab will show data in a summarized level. ALL option in the worthiness prompt? Layout component reference point is utilized to reuse the record object. What is the difference between drill through and drill down?

DMR and OLAP data. Differences between Cognos SQL & Native Sql? What exactly are their Advantages and Disadvantages? Native SQL: That is SQL based query which includes typical database format and functions. All of the calculations done at the data source only. Query item is nothing but the column of desk or Query subject. Where data item is report column which we use to design report and retrieve the data of a user requirement.

1. Before performing the query. What is an open session command word in cognos connection? What’s loop in construction manager? Loop is a very dangerous exception in construction supervisor, we can resolve the loop create alias table. Displays wrong results in the report net. How to provide security to reports in report studio or in cognos connection? You don’t provide security in Report Studio. You will provide security in cognos connection, you need to choose the report, goto properties, permissions, and here you need to include a consumer or a combined group that will access this survey.