AN EXCLUSIVE Portfolio 1

1. PROPERTY: I put into the portfolio and benefited from raises in property values and, to a much less extent, rental raises. 2. Job related income, expenditures, and cost savings: my employment continued to generate excellent, if unequal, levels of remuneration. Although my expenditures keep rising, the amount of savings (around 57% of pre-tax income) was still good.

1. Vietnam: I allocated money to a Vietnam fund in January 2007. If I realized the investment now I’d be down 8.7% on my original investment. 2. Low cost money: I failed to spend enough time seeking out and buying passive index monitoring funds instead of the high cost positively managed funds.

3. Diversification: I set a target of achieving better diversification or a better balance between real property and other asset classes (primarily equities). I not only didn’t raise the allocation to non-real property assets, the allocation to the Hong Kong real property increased actually. Given that the true estate investments did perfectly for us this year, I do not feel bad concerning this “failure” whatsoever. It has been a great calendar year. As much as I know that good time do not go on permanently, I remain positive about my ability to attain my retirement goals over the next five years.

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  • 5 years ago from East Coast, United States
  • Certain impairment benefits received before you reach minimum retirement age group
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Being relatively uninterested in small size list and more capable in evaluating the grade of smaller Chinese private enterprises, these were quick to notice the sudden extension of accounts receivables on our accounting statements. They adopted up with lots of questions with the clear reason for delaying our listing, probably to observe how these receivables will act given a longer time frame.

In brief, there would be no quick IPO for us. Mr D was quick to utilize this delay to his advantage. To be fair, ours was not a really fake company. To your surprise, we got a letter soon from the stock market questioning us the explanation for the failure to reveal to them we had applied to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange earlier.

They asked whether we had been declined previously and on what ground we had been rejected. In the same way we wonder the way they discovered so since you can safely believe due to competitive relationship quickly, these exchanges ought not to be talking to each other on micro matters like this, Mr D came storming in over-night.