The Mermaid’s Tale

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Today’s Bulletin of the Shocking is the id of a number of Y-linked genes. No, we’re not discussing the male exact carbon copy of young ladies’ G-spots, the mythical Y-point. No, in this case the topic is non-western, Asian specifically, medicine: the Yin and Yang of life. How long is your Yin and exactly how deep your Yang?

It must be hereditary, and they’ve now gone looking for it! In what seems similar in heart to Galenic medication, of the Four Humors popularity, JM Lee, a Korean physician in 1894 invented (discovered?) the Four-constitution medication (FCM). Yang and Yin are, as they are comprehended by us, complementary opposites that contribute to individuals as wholes.

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These concepts are essential in Asian beliefs and have some link with acupuncture theory, too. But we are definitely not knowledgable enough to describe, much less to comment on, this background. On this quaternary view of character, each individual’s physical and mental features lead to categorization, a Four-consitution type (FCT). You are the GYN (greater Yin), LYN (minimal Yin), Greater Yang (GYA), or reduced (LYA).

Given your rating, clinical applications to everything including mental food and attitudes recommendations can follow. Well, since it would appear that your FCT is associated with personality, and you’re alive, you can do GWAS from questionnaire-based phenotypes — and this has been done. 353,202 SNP markers were typed on healthy individuals in a ‘genetically homogeneous population’ of Korea. Looking for genetic deviation in a homogeneous human population seems strange, to begin with, but let’s let that slip.

A test of 20 each from GYN, LYN, and LYA categorized individuals were GWASed (they offered authorization!). They couldn’t find enough GYAs to include in this study. They matched up people from two different organizations then, such as LYA-LYN, and in each of several such paired checks found GWAS SNPs that Yinned the topics’ Yangs, or Ranged their Yin, with statistical significance.

They used all the ready-made, off-the-shelf software that the career use to check for accuracy and areas of statistical screening regularly. The authors provide a table of the genes nearest to each of the 20 SNPs that gave hits in 3 different FCM pairings. For instance, who could question FLJ46156 Protein — we understood someone would discover it ultimately!

Likewise Drosophila (travel) sal-like 1, variant 1. It’s indeed disappointing that these authors found this first, before we could. 10,000 gene chips, to find out, your medical treatment can vary greatly. That’s because, much like other types of Asian medicine (and indeed, some nonstandard medicines in the west, too) the same treatment can help, or harm, depending on the swing of your Yin. What’s good for your goose might not be good for your gander, as they say. We’re not making this up! In the end, GWAS of GYA and GYN in LYN and LYA to detect the FCT of your FCM, are certain to get your mind all twisted round.

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