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The gross revenue for freight or cargo and mail shall be established based on the revenue noticed from the carriage thereof. In proper situations, the domestic shipping agent shall obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for each foreign international delivery line it signifies. Each international international shipping range is alone a taxpayer independent and distinctive from the agent and the other principals of the same agent.

For purposes of enrollment and acquiring the TIN of the principal/s, the shipping agent must post the Agency Agreement between him and his principal/s that may suffice as the records requirement. The delivery agent shall document the pertinent taxation statements for each primary using the TIN and name of the particular principal.

The shipping agent should not use its own TIN in filing the earnings of the main it symbolizes. Non-revenue passengers of international air and sea companies shall not get value for purposes of processing the taxable base subject to tax. Refunded seat tickets shall likewise not be included in the computation of GPB.

Tax Treaties generally allow the Philippines to impose preferential Income Tax rates on earnings from the operation of boats or aircrafts in international traffic by residents of the other contracting state governments. A TTRA filed by and/or granted to a global carrier prior to the effective date of the Regulations shall remain valid and binding, thus dispensing with the need for such international carrier to file a new TTRA under these Regulations. The principle of reciprocity may be invoked by an international carrier as basis for GPB taxes exemption when its Home Country grants or loans TAX exemption to Philippine companies.

The domestic laws of the house Country granting exemption shall cover TAXES and shall not refer to other styles of taxes which may be enforced by the relevant taxing jurisdiction. Reciprocity requires that Philippine providers operating in the house Country of an international carrier are actually enjoying the TAX exemption.

The methods to be observed to be able to avail exemption from GPB Tax based on “reciprocity” are given in these Regulations. In cases when the GPB Tax provided for in Section 28(A)(3) of the NIRC, as amended, is not suitable, the normal Carrier’s Tax enforced under Section 118 of the NIRC, as amended, shall apply still. International carriers, through their authorized personnel or representative, shall submit to International Tax Affair Division a sworn certification stating that there is no change in the domestic laws of its Home Country granting TAX exemption to Philippine carriers.

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The sworn certification shall be submitted on or before January 31 of each year from enough time the international carrier was issued a ruling by the BIR confirming its GPB Tax exemption based on reciprocity. Failure to send the sworn certification shall be a floor for the revocation of such ruling.

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