Let’s See If We Can Find It?

There is plenty of bad information going around about the ever-demonized AR15, that i prefer to call America’s Rifle. This one paragraph in the newer article I used to be reading captured my eye. Let’s take it apart, piece by piece, shall we? Semi-automatic weaponry like the AR-15 were, at one time, banned across the country. The 1994 federal assault weapons ban prohibited most versions of the rifle from being sold in the U.S. The weapon re-entered blood flow after Congress allowed the ban to expire in 2004. Subsequent efforts to renew the ban, or create other legislation that could limit assault weapons, have been unsuccessful.

Funny thing about the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons ban. I didn’t find that it prohibited many guns, and it certainly didn’t ban America’s Rifle. I know that because I bought one, legally perfectly, in 2003. I remember it plainly. In February, 2003 I had been working in the jail on the evening that two good cops were killed in Alexandria, LA. It was an horrific event that rocked the city, and I don’t want to dwell onto it except to bolster my timeline.

In April, 2003, I found that I’d be heading to training for a fresh assignment. From the jail, on the road, dealing with our most susceptible citizens. If I needed help, it would be arriving, but I’d be by myself for a few minutes. I decided which i needed to give myself, and the citizens under my charge, the best chance to endure those several minutes.

So, shortly after I acquired my salary, probably about May 1, 2003 I transpired to the neighborhood weapon shop (in blue denim jeans and athletic shoes) and bought myself an AR-15. I just walked up the counter in my own jeans and informed the man to bring me a new-in-box Bushmaster. I done the form, approved the backdrop check, and strolled away with my rifle under my arm. This was through the Assault Weapons Ban. In 2003. Before the statutory laws sunseted in 2004. Let’s see if we can find it? Yep, that’s it, a Bushmaster XM15E2S, bought lawfully through the ban totally.

Another blogger of some note, Tam, has observed the same thing. And what I have is a tiny fraction of the electron in one atom in a water molecule of the drop in the civilian-owned AR15 bucket. Conservative estimates have the amount of these exact things in blood flow as closer to ten million than five. The horse is well and out of the barn truly.

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Tam’s right. The horse is well and truly out of the barn. Liberal media, and liberal politicians will attempt to placate us and provide platitudes to make us feel better. The simple fact is that the Assault Weapons ban did nothing. The AR-15 is America’s Rifle. Almost all them in civilian hands aren’t registered, because in almost all jurisdictions in america, there is no gun registration structure.

Anyone that tells you that America’s Rifle was banned from 994 to 2004 is actually in denial, baffled, or lying for you, as I’ve easily shown here. AR-15s were bought, sold, and exchanged legally throughout that whole time. Regulations didn’t total a bucket of warm spit, however the anti-gunners were made by it feel good. Oh, and that AR-15 used in the Orlando shooting?

I say disregard this and disregard that, but I only mean that in the investment sense. If you’re taking a look at something and visit a stock that is trading at 1.1x publication that needs to be trading at 1.5x book, go on and buy it! Who cares what the market p/e ratio is. That’s why. And it’s good to be aware of these things that individuals talk about and come to mind about.