Inner Beauty Trumps Outer Beauty In Modern Pageant, Miss World Canada Says

Then, what’s with the swimsuit competition? “Woah. What am I here doing? That was the very first thing Naomi Colford thought when she walked into an area full of beautiful and accomplished young women competing for the Miss World Canada beauty pageant crown. Works out, the 19-year-old nursing pupil from Sydney, N.S., was in the right place.

“I can’t even placed into words how amazing that made me feel,” she said. Then again, some individuals have questioned whether earning a beauty pageant is a good dream for a girl to have or a negative one. It’s time for you to change the focus of the wonder pageant from beauty away, say women’s and gender studies professor Rachel Hurst.

“I feel conflicted about it,” said Rachel Hurst, co-ordinator of the gender and women’s studies program at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. On the main one hand, she said, beauty pageants like Miss World Canada can be considered a real stepping rock for young women who want to get involved with charities or kickstart careers as actors or models. On the other hand, she said, the fact that contestants are in least judged based on their looks is a problem partly.

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It isn’t fair to “reduce the value of women and girls with their appearance,” Hurst said, which is exactly what beauty pageants have been known for. Beauty pageants have been with us for decades. In this particular photo from 1962, the Miss World contestants cause in their swimwear. But pageants aren’t what they used to be, Colford said.

“To some degree, it helps to be photogenic and have a nice picture,” she said, but “you can’t just rely on the exterior beauty” to win. The contestants acquired to raise money for charity, volunteer in the community, and write an article about an important cause – Colford’s passion is to help more folks access healthy, cheap food – in order to qualify. It’s more about “who you are and what you stand for than what you look like,” she said. Even though some pageants – such as Miss America in the U.S. – have scrapped the swimsuit challenge (where in fact the contestants walk the runway in bikinis) lately, this pageant has one.

Everything has beauty, however, not everyone sees it. That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but whatever is good is beautiful always. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword. It is amazing how complete the delusion that beauty is goodness. Those who look for beauty find it.