How To Build A Winning SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Crisis Management Plan

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You should have data showing just what a normal business week looks like, to compare with your “crisis week.” You’ll quickly know just how bad things became. From a social media perspective, concentrate on factors like lost followers, specific complaints, and the amount of negative sentiment around your brand. You’ll be able to see where your response was most effective as well.

You may have spent countless hours scouring Twitter and responding to individuals, and one Facebook post reached more people and was broadly distributed yet. These types of insights to help you understand how badly your reputation was hit, and you’ll have the ability to plan better for future years. What will your KPIs for successful crisis management be?

How do you want to measure the negative conversations generated? How do you want to measure the impact on overall brand sentiment? How do you want to measure overall brand impact of this over time? Be sure you have a monitoring tool that enables you to do all of this, and other things you choose to include in your plan. You also need to gather data before a crisis arises, to benchmark against. In the event that you know what a “normal” week looks like, you’ll be able to accurately assess the bad times.

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Once it appears like you’re out of the woods, it’s important to take stock of your response. You’d a great plan in place Hopefully, and everyone knew what was required from them exactly. As part of your plan, make time to regroup after the event, and discuss how it went.

What were the strongest aspects of your brand’s problem’s plan? Where was the prevailing strategy unhelpful or less impactful? Are there any procedures or web templates that need to be modified? Do you need to create any new systems or guidelines? Discuss the different encounters of management, administrative, and customer care staff. Did everyone feel prepared to respond, and how many other resources could have helped when things got frantic? Unfortunately, than a fortnight negative news and complaints can linger considerably much longer.