Diesels MIGHT EVEN Beat Hybrids

Diesels might even defeat hybrids, because they deliver the most valuable tranche of gasoline efficiency at a much lower up-front cost premium. Unfortunately, that argument didn’t consider that traditional price interactions between diesel and gas might be shifting. If diesel remains as expensive relative to gasoline as it is today, carmakers’ plans to sell hundreds of thousands of European-style diesel cars and diesel-powered SUVs may be frustrated, combined with the efficiency gains they would have delivered. Over the last five years, a gallon of diesel gasoline has cost, typically, 5 cents more than a gallon of regular standard gasoline–the grade sold everywhere except our most polluted metropolitan areas and California.

31 cents. A few of that current superior results from seasonal patterns associated with accumulating heating system essential oil inventories for the winter, but much of the year-on-year increase can be related to the rollout of the new ultra-low-sulfur diesel. The new fuel contains no more than 15 parts per million of sulfur, as opposed to the previous standard, which allowed up to 500 ppm of sulfur. The new sulfur standard was introduced to lessen emissions of particulates–a.k.a.

However, if the price differential between gas and diesel remained at current levels, much of the economic motivation for motorists to switch to better diesel vehicles would vanish. 1, per year on gasoline 100, at current prices. 190. You’d never pay out your investment in a more expensive diesel engine at that rate.

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The new Congress will have to decide how best to promote more efficient automobiles. 0.64/gal (large .pdf file) and a comparable in France and Italy–though not in the united kingdom, which seems to have the priciest diesel fuel in the world. With all the current talk of raising gasoline taxes, it might be worth considering reducing diesel taxes to place gasoline and diesel nearer to parity.

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