Circuit Breaker In Bedroom Seemingly Randomly Trips. Any Advice?

Amp or what numbers are on each product or provided in specifications in its manual. Estimates just have any trustworthiness when intensive experience has been gained by doing the numbers (more in a later paragraph). An assembler will not set up the AC range filter. The assembler is responsible for confirming it exists. Better manufacturers establish it in spec quantities. For example, No respect is acquired by me for a price controller powered company called Staples.

I have found products, specially manufactured for them, that are missing that filter and therefore caused (some) breakers somewhere else to trip intermittently and frequently. AFTER I installed that filtration system, breaker faults know happened. Since computer assemblers frequently have no electrical knowledge and promote recommendations using hearsay (subjective reasoning), then some parts (profitably marketed to computer assemblers) are missing required functions. An ‘set-up’ computer is high on a suspect list. Test it. Since computers are driven even when off always, testing only works if completely disconnecting its power cord.

And then waiting for another trip. Never believe a defect and a failure coincide. A computer built with all good parts can fail as a system perfectly. Normal is for faulty power items to boot and run something still. Many tools exist to see defects that constantly exist and that only cause intermittent failures. Unfortunately, identifying this kind failure requires expensive tools. Opening up an appliance may identify marked areas where a missing filter is supposed to exist clearly.

Only in that location are cable jumpers. But more to fear these things to do that inspection too. From the list of powered parts and from multiple generations of experience, overloading wouldn’t normally explain tripping. Some type of computer seldom uses more than 350 w. But since computer assemblers are missing electrical knowledge, then we tell them to buy a 700-watt PSU for a computer that only rarely consumes 350 watts and consumes less than 200 watts most enough time.

Note that computers ‘assembled’ by major companies have a much smaller power supply – that is more than sufficient. Watts are not used to select a supply. Kill-A-Watt is a robust tool to instruct the easiest electrical concepts even. That recommendation could have also gone a long way to eliminating that suspect (overloading).

Surge protectors (old or completely new) remains electrically same. Read its specification numbers. How many joules will it state to ‘obstruct’ or ‘absorb’? Protectors are suppose to protect from surges that are destructive – in thousands of joules typically. And surges are uncommon – maybe once every seven years quite. So that adjacent protector (old and new one) essentially does nothing useful. A circuit breaker on any power strip (with or without protector parts) will more. Only surge protector that will something useful is a different item that completely, unfortunately, stocks a same name.

But that is another topic completely unrelated to this one. Also useful – identify what type breaker is tripping. Essential for more informed replies as well. Breakers almost fail never. Breaker failure so unlikely that it is at the bottom of a 100-item set of suspects typically. Unfortunately many want to blame the messenger (that breaker) as opposed to the defect that is harder to recognize. More recommendations exist. But this is enough for now. Kudos for trying to recognize the defect before having someone fix it. Whatever you do to eventually make the defect repeatable goes quite a distance to setting it up fixed for an initial time.

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