Business License Information

Many types of business licenses can be obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A permit might be needed if offering a product at the retail level, wholesale farm equipment, operate a restaurant, laundry, storage warehouse, garage area, vending machines, or certain types of video gaming machines. Other businesses may necessitate a license like a foot or automobile peddler that offers goods or a business that engages in commercial structure.

A person or business other than a grower, manufacturer, or maker might not offer for sale, sell, or dispose of any goods within Maryland otherwise, without first finding a Trader’s license from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A person or business entity acting as a general contractor, performing new building or commercial structure must get yourself a construction license. A contractor or subcontractor who holds a license under the Maryland Home Improvement Commission is not required to carry a construction license issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Once the business entity has been founded, the business permit can be acquired.

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Online: Go to Maryland Business Licenses Online. The website provides the ability to apply for a new Harford County business licenses online as well as the ability to search the licensing system of the Maryland Judiciary for issued licenses. Mail or Fax: Download the Business License Worksheet form and the Declaration of the Inventory form for a trader’s license. PERSONALLY: Obtain at the Business License office, 7 W. Courtland Street, Bel Air, MD 21014 between your hours of 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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