Why Half Of The United States Is Overweight

Why Half Of The United States Is Overweight 1

Our country is within dire need of change in many areas. One big concern for our country is the weight of our residents. It isn’t suitable for us as a national country to be this significantly gone. The only ones at fault are ourselves for not being in charge of what we consume.

It is the land of opportunity and that’s the problem. We have too many options but no one is choosing to live healthy. If you do not already know how severe this matter is, you might be the area of the nagging problem. Over half of the American Population is overweight or obese. It is very concerning. Are we as a people so numb to the sensation of being overweight that we don’t understand we are?

Where is our willpower? Why are we not changing actively? There are an incredible number of ways to lose excess weight, fitness programs, and supplements. Each day People could simply cut what they eat in two. It can be that simple actually. Reminding ourselves to stop eating when we are not full. The common American who’s obese or overweight is spending more on food and medication than on things that could be bettering themselves mentally and literally.

That is not their problem either. Our countries’ health insurance should be geared towards helping those with preventative treatment like free fitness center memberships, free health supplements, and free fitness. It looks like the government desires us fat and lazy Sometimes. I refuse to be part of the majority therefore should you.

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  • Drink at least 2.5 liter’s drinking water every day (80oz)
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  • 1 glass of Steamed Edamame
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The national cost of diabetes in the U.S. Is this our fate? If it were me, and it was about saving someone’s life, I would actively be reaching out to them daily to ensure they are on track. I know we’ve free will, but the problem with that is it comes with way many choices too. There are too many options for food these full times and too few that are actually good for us. The eating should be transformed by them recommendations over the planks in the US.

They should limit how many groceries you can purchase per day, week per, and per month predicated on your macronutrients. We spend excess amounts of money on food that goes to waste. People are starving in the areas of the world and we are just here getting bigger and bigger.

We have too much extra and that will eventually be our downfall unless we change now. How much money do Americans devote to fast food? 1, a 12 months on fast food 200. When you are not sure, eat a salad! Eat what you need, not what you can. Do what you need to do, not what you can do. If we often do this more, the pace of overweight Americans would drop.