Heat Map Released By Fitness Tracker Reveals Location Of Secret Military Bases

Heat Map Released By Fitness Tracker Reveals Location Of Secret Military Bases 1

Every one of us now has at least one internet-connected smart device, making this relevant question even more prominent -how much does your smart device know about you? The weekend Over, the popular fitness tracking app Strava proudly published a “2017 heat map” showing activities from its users round the world, but unfortunately, the map revealed what it shouldn’t-locations of America military bases worldwide.

With a total of one billion activities logged on the Strava’s activity map, it is a lot of useful data from all over the global world. Although Strava’s publicly available activity map was live by November 2017, Ruser recently pointed out that the map includes the fitness routes of army soldiers and agents in secret base locations, including U.S.

Besides American armed forces bases, the map also revealed the UK’s RAF Mount Pleasant airbase in the Falkland Islands, Lake Gull, and Macphee Island Fish-pond, among others. Russian bases have been showed up by the Strava data also. Security experts on Twitter have alsodiscovered potentially sensitive American military bases in Somalia, Syria, and Afghanistan; secret Russian military bases in Ukraine; a magic formula missile base in Taiwan, as well as an NSA base in Hawaii.

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Should Strava be blamed completely because of this revelation? Strava said its heat map is based only on available data publically, and the company does offer a private mode which allows its users to turn off data sharing beyond the app. However, it would appear that many American and international military workers using the application we’re writing the confidential information publicly-perhaps without the data or realizing the implication, which is horrible.

To make things a whole lot worse, some experts also have found ways to deanonymize the Strava heatmap, determining individuals and their location where they have been working out. Strava has reminded its users that they could switch off location services for the application which the map will not include private activities or areas deemed private. Strava said in a statement. The incident is a great reminder for folks, for those employed in or around delicate locations especially, to turn off location writing services for everything.

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