I Am Thinking Of A Panel

I Am Thinking Of A Panel 1

I have been thinking about my presentation on wind flow energy that I gave to the Virtual Chapter of the machine Safety Society yesterday and question if there might not be something even more interesting regarding this topic. It seems to me that there are presently three main contenders for “solving” our energy issues while helping solve the global warming problem.

These three are big wind, big solar and small solar. By “big wind” I mean the really large wind generators designed specifically as central power generators sending all (or most) of their power to the grid for distribution to electricity loads. These are usually, but not always, placed into very large choices referred to with the quaint euphemism of “wind farms” as if these giants have anything to do with “green” energy, farming, or agriculture.

By “big solar” I am discussing the top to extremely large solar power plant life that cover hundreds of acres to tens of square miles of land and sell their power right to the utilities. At the moment, the only one of these that is near to being economically viable without very large, continuing, government, and tool (ratepayer) subsidies are small solar.

250,000 over twenty years (relating to Sandia, based on long-term screening they should have a lifetime of over 40 tears). At this time these systems get significant federal government incentives and taxes breaks – however they are perfectly with the capacity of paying for themselves without that advantage. 1.50 a watt (or less in bulk) during the past year – leading to the change in affordability. Interestingly, the expense of systems being installed by my local competition has not decreased, and that means you need to look around if you would like to get the properly priced systems. 8000. He now is requesting me for advice on what new electrical devices he could set up to use up the extra power that he produces during the year.

His system was particularly expensive because in California we pay on the tiered schedule where in fact the price per watt goes up as you use more power. He was using the baseline amount so acquired cheap power to offset already. Because of the low cost power being offset it will require him about 6. 5 years to pay that system back, but he is pleased with it. My demonstration was centered on the “hazards” and dangers of big-blowing wind.

I think it would be very interesting to increase the topic to include the potential risks and paybacks from these three energy sources – and to make comparisons between them. I am thinking about a -panel, a workshop, or various other approach to present and discuss a cost-benefit research of the three methods to determine the best (or most ideal) solution.

The amount of materials included is quite large, each day roughly to get through the materials in a good cursory fashion so that it would take. I think the majority of this could be done along very traditional hazard-based lines, but maybe this is of a “hazard” may need to be expanded a bit to add financial considerations.

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Maybe not, maybe it could ignore that and just go through the traditional safety, environment, and security (including impacts upon the quality and availability of grid power) aspects of the questions. Now THAT would be a blackout to create us a ways back. It is not possible Maybe, but I am never convinced that it isn’t a viable problem.

I think this is a subject that might be worthy of the SSS’s attention. As it turns out, it is a topic that are not only not being attended to, but that has been forbidden to be attended to by our federal government agencies such as the NRTL. We are experts in not only doing risk assessments but in finding the better choices.

We feature a built-in systems perspective that could (and would) include the whole grid system including the various generators, the power sources, environmentally friendly and societal effects, the ongoing health impacts, and all the others. We are probably the only firm in the world that consists of members focusing on the types of analyses and studies that are needed to address this type of spacious, important extremely, evaluation. I think we could deal with this issue and have an extremely good time doing it.