Want Windows 7?

Want Windows 7? 1

Did Microsoft leave us XP users behind? By all indications Microsoft has been able to create a more user-friendly and efficient operating-system with the release of Windows 7 this October. Through extensive Beta testing and its own free trial produces the reviews have been very positive. Some of the benefits of Windows 7 could it be has been able to smooth out the interface that Vista never appeared to be in a position to deliver.

This makes it a good OS for netbooks that lacked the resources to run Vista and that were loaded with the trust deserving XP to bring these mobile miracles to the forefront. Promising better power management and streamlined multi-tasking a netbook may take benefit of this modern operating-system and provide a far more powerful mobile solution. Just what exactly is the capture for XP users?

Well, depending about how you consider it will determine if you would like to upgrade to Windows 7 or not. Windows 7 install on a machine running XP shall only migrate document data files. Your programs and drivers are left out and will have to be reinstalled from the new windows 7 interface.

A machine running Vista will act more as we are accustomed to on a Windows upgrade and will bring the programs along. Most programs and motorists that operate on Vista will also run on Windows 7 therefore the transition is much simpler. So this might not be such a large deal depending on what you utilize your netbook or any XP computer for.

If you merely have a few programs installed then you may consider this an inconvenience. If you are like me and have every cool program and utility you could find to make life easier for afterward you the aggravation factor kicks up a notch or two. JUST HOW do You Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7?

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This Will be alright for now but XP is ten years old and Windows 7 will be much better received than Vista and the support for XP will start to drop quickly. The Netbook explosion held XP alive but Microsoft will discontinue the OEM permit and home windows 7 will be the OS installed on new netbooks. You need to be aware you will need to re-install all of your programs that might cause you to lose efficiency until you did all of this. Using a dual-shoe system you can set up Windows 7 on a different partition of your hard drive and select which system to perform when you boot your computer. There is plenty of room to get this done on most netbooks that was included with the 120GB hard drive or the newer ones which came with a 160-GB hard drive.

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