The Chinese And Foreign Creditors?

The Chinese And Foreign Creditors? 1

To simplify my bank career, my major job was evaluating the chance and probability that individuals we lent money out to would pay us back again. Of course this is a pointless task because management and bankers were paid by the payment so they really didn’t care about the grade of the borrower, that the loan got approved plus they got their commission payment.

This, naturally, resulted in me ramming heads with management (where I would more often than not lose), but on a macro-economic range also led up to the housing bubble and the subsequent Great and crash Recession. Permit me to explain. Here we have no argument from any relative part of any political aisle. Everybody was against the banister bailouts. Everybody hates the banking industry and those that populate it. And everyone agrees that the banks should have taken their losses nearly, never gotten bailed out, risen, and died to never be observed again belly.

So, riddle me this, riddle me that, why do we hate the bankers so much, but love our nation’s creditors to the idea we still concern ourselves with paying them back? Understand they may be one, and the same AND they made the same errors. Bankers lent money to people who couldn’t afford to repay it.

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Lenders to the government lent money to the authorities, who couldn’t afford to pay it back. Bankers failed to do homework on the debtors it was financing money to. Lenders to the government didn’t do due diligence on the borrowers, it was lending money to. Lenders to the government have DEFINITELY created a bubble that will certainly crush the united states economy. If that doesn’t convince you, let’s view financing to the government much in the same terms as bankers view or evaluate lending to regular bank clients. First, who are these idiots financing to?

Well, the government or the “American people.” But I think a much better personification of this would be our chief representative to the world, Barack Obama. Obama has never proved helpful a real job in his life. He has been academia, a spoiled brat with his grandma spending money on everything, who immediately went into politics and because of his youth, looks, and race won the lottery in the Democrat primary to be president.

But again, it is not so much Barack Obama US creditors are lending to, but the people who put such an idiot in office. He is only a proxy to the caliber and character of the national country as a whole, which country seemingly has no intention of paying anybody back, aside from concerning itself with government finances. Second, what is the amount of money being committed to? Understand that banking institutions don’t just “lend out money for shits and giggles.” The proceeds of the loan must be committed to some kind of asset or business that produces an income. AND NOT AN INCOME JUST, but MORE MONEY THAT WHAT’S BEING CHARGED IN INTEREST.

However, this is entirely a moot point because the proceeds of the loans lent to the government do not get into ANYTHING even remotely resembling an investment. 1. 70% of federal government spending is income exchanges, which are nothing more than bribes to the parasitic class to vote for Democrats.

3. Healthcare spending is, sadly, but factual, mostly spent on people who will never work again and are just heading to pass away soon (so again, mathematically just tossing money in an opening). 4. Wars, no matter how needed will not be profitable for either aspect. Even if the united states went into the mid-east “for oil,” they’ve done a spectacularly bad job of profiting off of it. Welfare bums, solitary moms, dying old people, tanks, and socialist indoctrination camps aren’t investments.